Garage Door Repair Services

Garage Door Repair Services

Do you need emergency reparation of your garage door? You should not worry as we are ready to solve all your problems as soon as possible. Our company is well known for its expertise and experience in the field.

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Garage Door Openers

Garage Door Openers

New technology has made our lives easier and safer and when it comes to openers, we can offer you many options as well as immediate repair services

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Garage Door Springs

Garage Door Springs

As well-trained technicians, we handle garage door spring problems fast and excel in their replacement

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Outstanding staff available for garage door opener maintenance

Offers a complete set of answers for garage door replacement and their issues! Learn how to paint them and what the best time for their maintenance is! Also find out how to install weather strips.

  • What do garage door springs do?

    Garage door springs function to support the bulk of the weight of a door, both while it is in operation and when it is not. They ensure that the door is properly aligned at all times to make for easy and efficient lifting. By default there are two springs in each setup that act to support the door and each other, and are essential for the operation and safe use of the door.

  • A part of the door is damaged, must I replace the whole thing?

    Luckily, probably not. Most garage doors are installed in slats so that they can change shape while opening to avoid stress and damage. So if only one of the slats is broken, you will only need to have that one replaced. Which is great news if you are prone to accidents.

  • What is the benefit of buying a steel garage door?

    Steel garage doors are popular in the market as they have many benefits. They are more affordable compared to other door types. They also offer more strength, security and energy efficiency. They do not require a lot of maintenance as they are already pre-painted.

  • How can I avoid mistakes when buying new doors?

    It's easy to make mistakes if you don't pay attention to your real needs. So, make sure the garage is measured properly if you're replacing the door, so that it'll open properly. Check whether the springs, opener and tracks need replacement and finally that the material is resistant to local climatic conditions.

  • How to install weather seals?

    Our experts explain an easy way to install weather seals. The weather strip should be cut to a size that matches with the bottom edge of the door and installed using liquid nails. Next up, the nails are inserted in the weather strip. Finally, galvanized screws are used to anchor them.

  • What's the best season for maintenance?

    Garage door maintenance must take place often but if you also want to clean and paint the door, it would be good to do it during the summer when the weather is nice and they will dry faster. It is also good to maintain the garage door parts before winter to prepare the mechanism for the cold season. As an overall, garage door repair is preferable to take place when the weather in Los Angeles is nice.

  • Why should I buy wooden garage doors?

    It is not a coincidence that wood garage doors have survived the ages and although new materials conquered the markets and frequent garage door service is needed, wood is still the number one preference of most consumers according to our experts. Wood will increase the value of your house and provide sufficient insulation, if your location does not experience severe weather conditions. It is strong and comes out in many colors.

  • Should I paint my garage door on my own?

    It's not hard painting garage doors. Just time consuming and requires patience. The preparation phase is actually harder since you must do garage door maintenance first to ensure all garage door parts work properly and proceed with the door's cleaning. Make sure to peel off residue of the old painting and scrub off possible signs of rust before you apply the first layer of coat. Pick a powder coat, which is ecological.

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